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It is a collaborative effort of the University of Georgia's Department of Germanic & Slavic Languages, the Terry College of Business, and the School of Economics and Social Sciences at the Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg located about two hours north of Munich in the state of Bavaria, executive resume writing service los angeles Germany. The A.B. is not intended to prepare students for professional or graduate work. As a creative writer, you want your story to captivate readers. Students in the Pre-Vet/Wildlife Program are exposed to state-of-the-art instructional and research experiences in wildlife management and veterinary medicine. Classics Studies Abroad in Rome. Unlike the traditional focus of computer engineering, computer system engineers will have a greater understanding of computer software development and how to use computers to automate, monitor, and control various systems. Within this program, I have the opportunity to meet so many individuals who have taught me patience, perseverance and versatility. Note, good excuses to not do your homework camps labelled with “Session A, B, C, etc.” are multiple sessions of the same camp. Agriculture and Ecology in Tropical America - Guatemala (odd-numbered years) Costa Rica (even-numbered years), Agriculture and Ecology of Tropical America - Pernambuco Brazil, International Agribusiness Marketing and Management: Focus on Mexico. Get the unbiased info you need to find the right school. Students pursuing the AB will understand the non-verbal language of art and design in terms of artistic principles and application, will be able to organize visual elements both rationally and intuitively according to understood artistic principles, and will become familiar with the major achievements in the history of art and visual culture. Georgia Southern's flagship campus is located in the city of Statesboro, Georgia and is accessible by Interstate 16 from the cities of Macon and Savannah. Choose from three areas of emphasis: Chinese, Japanese, creative writing rochester and Korean. Service-learning, field trips, and many class projects will engage you with the community and industry professionals, adding to your educational experience. Since then, the university has embarked on a massive upgrade of facilities, adding more than $300 million in new construction. It is recommended that prospective students take this test early, since the January test score is the last one that can be considered for fall semester matriculation. Equipment Needs: No equipment is required. Furnishings and Interiors (FI) major is a rigorous program of study designed for students interested in understanding and enhancing interior environments, in particular residential interior environments.

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All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. Opportunities for work in biology and agriculture are expected to grow as the increasing human population demands more food, fiber, wood products, health care, and environmental stewardship. Students who complete officer candidacy requirements are commissioned when they receive a bachelor's degree. If you are a national of a country in the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, you will not require a visa to study on the International Summer Programmes. Environmental Protection Agency and Natural Resource Conservation Service); environmental control entities (e.g. Careers are available in in the entertainment industry, including film, television, and new media. Learning how to read, write and speak the language was just a mere glimpse into the entirety of the culture, but this was my first experience with life outside of my rural hometown. The Fashion and Brand Management emphasis offers Fashion Merchandising majors the potential to specialize their degree with a core focus on concepts such as retailing principles, planning and buying, trend forecasting, and brand management. Jason Colquitt, William Harry Willson Distinguished Chair of the Department of Management, wants his students to see how applicable his field is. Some of these careers may require advanced degrees or additional formal and specialized training. Ellen Evans, a professor of kinesiology and director of UGA’s Center for Physical Activity and Health, empowers students to model healthy movement behaviors and motivate others through education and social support in their families, schools, workplaces and communities. Writing skills are developed in the context of the student’s particular discipline(s) and documented in a published e-Portfolio that presents and reflects on projects, experiences, critical thought, research, and communication skills.  This provides evidence for outside evaluators and showcases a volume of best work. The major in Classical Languages (formerly Latin) through the Department of Classics at the University of Georgia provides students provides students with the opportunity to pursue studies in Roman literature, history, archaeology, art, philosophy, and religion while concentrating on the Latin language.  Courses teach fundamentals of grammar, reading, and translation through select works of Julius Caesar, Cicero, Horace, Vergil, and others. For more information on Dr. Gomez-Lanier click here. An understanding of basic biological principles is crucial in interpreting the implications of environmental degradation, impact of genetic engineering and biotechnology, disease and forensic medicine, legal and ethical issues, and communication of that to middle and high school grades.   Students take courses in science curriculum a& learning, teaching methods, technological capability, philosophy & leadership, and others from one of four science content specializations: 1) Biology; 2) Chemistry; 3) Physics; or 4) Earth Science.  An internship provides practical learning and teaching experience. As a sophomore, I worked in Janet Westpheling’s lab on prokaryotic genetic engineering. A wide range of employment options exist in environmental and occupational health departments, public health and safety agencies, private industry, solid and hazardous waste management, general sanitation engineering, water and air pollution control, and consulting firms.  The degree prepares graduates for advanced degrees in industrial hygiene, toxicology, epidemiology, ecology, and many others while satisfying entrance requirements for professional degree programs in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, and pharmacy.

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Majors take a rigorous set of courses with emphasis on laboratory experience and hands-on independent research.  The curriculum emphasizes broad chemical training with a selection of chemistry courses and supporting courses in other related disciplines including physical and biological sciences and mathematics, along with written and verbal communication skills.  An active American Chemical Society Student Affiliates chapter (the Chem Club) provides a cultural and professional environment that enriches the academic experience. Georgia Southern's Armstrong Campus is located in Savannah, accessible by Interstate 16 and Interstate 95. The major at the University of Georgia is offered jointly by the College of Family and Consumer Sciences and the College of Education and fulfills the requirements for a teacher’s certificate to teach Family and Consumer Science to grades 7-12.  The curriculum provides study in teaching methodology as well as courses in nutrition, parenting, single and family living, human development, food service, consumer economics, education, merchandising, housing, and interiors.  Students choose from several specialization options:  Community Outreach, Culinary, Financial Planning, Interior/Fashion/Textiles, Early Childhood, and Foods & Nutrition. The videos have changed the way I teach! To do this, you have to use your imagination and try to capture an emotion or a human truth, like love or loss. This is the students’ first connection with the civil engineering program. Many students continue their education by enrolling in a graduate program, while others have gone on to the Peace Corps, non-profits, government agencies, and more. Occasionally, students are granted admission to the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine prior to completion of their baccalaureate degrees. Copyright ©1995-2018 by The Writing Lab & The OWL at Purdue and Purdue University. On this tour, students see how policy-making happens in Washington D.C. He plans to spread his knowledge with Teach for America.

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For more information about Shreya, click here. The Bachelor of Science in Biology is a liberal arts degree with a concentration in the biological sciences. The Global Health certificate program provides students with a multidisciplinary understanding of the concept of global health and its implications for all individuals across a wide variety of topics including medicine, food, culture, policy, economics, and communication.  Coursework helps students identify health problems and develop skills to enable efforts that solve global health problems.  Students complete an internship with health institutions around the world to gain real-world experience. The program is designed to enable students to acquire proficiency in German, competency in the interpretation of German culture and business affairs, and experience studying and working abroad in authentic academic and business settings.

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2010 Sustainablility Conference  
Welcome to the ninth annual 2010 California Higher Education Sustainability Conference web site. Further information about the 2010 conference will be added as it becomes available.

At the 2010 Higher Education Sustainability Conference, collaborate with project and energy managers, campus architects, operations and maintenance staff, administrators, student leaders, and faculty from CCC, CSU and UC campuses around the state.


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