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The Republic of India is a country in Asia. Dear Salim, Did the article say anything negative about Islam? India was a single country since long before these bloody muslims came into India. But Asoka is pretty much known for the fact that he felt remorse after killing so many people. Especially not for the one who insists on remaining so. Unfortunately that’s what copied to our histories and still in curriculum due to our pseudo-Secular minority appeaser politicians. But about chandragupta Maurya all the info is because of Buddhist legends hence the explanation of buddhist text will be given preference , their is no other official source of info about Mauryans apart from the oldest buddhist texts. There are many different languages and cultures in India. Or accept financial slavery of Akbar. In the north, many people speak Chhattisgarhi, Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati, different careers in creative writing and Marathi,Bihar. Red fort is being projected as having been made by Shah Jahan who merely converted it into a muslim style monument. I love giving advice on relationships. AD conquer 3.2 million square KM. However the fact remains that Akbar considered his courtiers completely idiot. You are really great author. I dont know how many times i read Pir e Kamil and Aab e Hayat. We should accept facts and don;t deny the credit. Lachit Barphukan was the general, not the king.

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I m doing same thing..I m writing on these topics in hindi and add it on chittha jagat…but in very few number.. AOA Umera Ahmed u are my favourite writer. In Thaneshwar, there was a dispute over ownership of the place of worship between two sects Kuru and Puri. Why NOT you read what world historians mentioned. I submitted my story in a magazine but they ask me to bring composed story. Akbar even had this propagated that he is divinely gifted to provide healing powers to the water that is used to clean his feet (Charanamrit). And when the mugal empire, lost power, and the maratha empire came to power, what happened? The youth replied that his father  would not surrender and even if the king is killed, they would have another successor made the king. Vincent Smith starts his book with “Akbar was a foreigner in India. Except in Rajputana their Clan members r treated as Neech in all over India. I love to leave my readers thinking. It would make your writings more compelling, now it just come across as a rant. They had no desire to fight. Alexander asked them to give up fighting and himself said, “Porus, please pardon me. There used to be no written records of such decisions and judges used to simply follow the peaceful verses of Quran. Many dynasties ruled India around the year 1000. All I can say is that the level of poets in court of Akbar must have been extremely poor standard in lines with his own education level and preoccupations.

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Dear Agniveer Ji, tpl homework help please cite the Green sources that said Alexander was defeated. I think they are not strong enough as they should b ? Why not do your own research and contribute your own bit to make the article even more authoritative? Yeah ..really your Novels make my mind Manipulated,and aware my spiritual approach. If you still want to refute Agniveer, bournemouth university creative writing and publishing check the history and mail them at [email protected]. This is because in the ghazal form, the poet would usually incorporate his or her pen name into the final couplet (maqt̤aʿ) of each poem as a type of "signature". SHUDRAS ARE ARYANS. Also Shudra is not any race but a state in one’s life in which he/she has not enough capabilities to explore knowledge. A simple & decent site for all the family members. If some one goes for fighting and people oppose him, then they want to fight with him. The only indian who defeated Greeks was Chandragupta Maurya called as ‘LION OF THE EAST’ in greek chronicles. Namaskar! I absolutely hail this site, articles and effort!!! Rawalakot is approximately 75 miles (120 km) from the capital Islamabad. Where is the proof of this? I looked and could find none. Assalamu alaikum mam i m big fan of u. The legislative branch is made up of the Parliament of India, which is in New Delhi, the capital of India.

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Muhammad Bin Qasim attacked Sindh and India and killed thousands of men and women because some girl was molested and he wanted to rescue her! Between 1782 and 1799 Tipu Sultan issued 34 sanads (deeds) of endowment to temples in his domain, while also presenting many of them with gifts of silver and gold plate. Umaira, I wanted to ask abt drama, durr e shewar. I love to gift her novels to my friends. Its not about being human or not. Ask them to give one credible evidence of Porus’ defeat. Main kehta hun k we r indian par jake un kashmiriyo se bolwao jai hind jo humari bhartiya sena par pathar barsaate are jo srinagar me lal chaowk me jhanda fahrane na de 26 january k din wo kahenge jai hind ha ha ha are apka sar kalam kar denge wo unki chodie agar apne b kahi dhoke se jai hind bol dia to unke beech. So it is always good to put references where such things are mentioned. Its plain stupid as the fancy fairy tale Bollywood keeps on repeating the delusional lies and distortions glorifies the ugly drunkard looters, rapists and torturers of India’s glorious culture, religion, history and its sincere people. But in lines of his terrorist forefathers, there was nothing Islamic about this butcher apart from using Islam for his own political gains. Dr.cambel. at the same time there was peace conference at somayya ground,chembur,mumbai. Great attempt by Agniveer and I immensely thank the editorial board for having exposed these horrendous facts about our history. Are you? (2)Please clarify so that we know you are not a Muslim/Xian in hiding. Now, coming to the PVC issue, clipart creative writing all those awarded were kshatriyas by dharma (profession). Thanks agniveer for the article. Hassnain's translation follows Ghulam Ahmad in dividing the name of Yuzasaf, found in the Bilhawar and Yuzasaf tradition about Gautama Buddha, into two syllables, "Yuz Asaf."[19] Yuzasaf, Arabic Yūdhasaf or Būdhasaf, is derived from the Sanskrit Bodhisattva.

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The Empire was expanded into India’s central and southern regions by Emperor Bindusara, but it excluded a small portion of unexplored tribal and forested regions near Kalinga. When Puri group started dominating, Akbar ordered his soldiers to join ranks with Kuru group. ELSE WE WOULD ALL HAVE BEEN ILLITERATES LOL.. Every new invader made (often literally) his hills of Hindus skulls. Emotional novel. aap ne js trh uske alfaz lekhn h mujhe bhooot ache lagi. Because some Muslim scholars call Quran 18.83 Zul Qurnayn as Alexander. I will say go to hell with your brotherhood, i am kshatriya and will always remain a kshatriya and proud of my ancestors ranging from LORD RAMA,KRISHNA,PANDAVA,CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA,GAUTAM BUDDHA,MAHAVIRA,ASHOKA MAURYA etc. You are saying that Akbar was a great human being? In the Urdu poetic tradition, creative writing photographs most poets use a pen name called the takhalluṣ. In Akbarnama, Abul Fazl writes: “Whenever a Beghum, or wives of courtiers or virgins wanted to be enjoyed, they were supposed to send an application to Harem in-charge.

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