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I feel sure that the Lord would not frown on righteous anger. But in reality Occult and Secret were/are, the Doctrines who sought to understand Divinity using a physical, mundane, material, objective allegory, such as, resume writing service jacksonville fl the Cabala. Provides a 24 hour telephone helpline (0800 1111) for children and young people. Lilly Palmer ……………………………….. By the way, is Hollywood run by Jews who regularly adopt Christian names in a feeble attempt to hide their true identity? He has wisely avoided confrontation with the scum Jews in Media, Government, and elsewhere, by playing their 911 game, while ALL his followers openly accuse the Jews of rigging the Towers, planning the attack, and reaping solely the bloody ‘benefits’ of their Mega Crime. Truly, I doubt that most of us would be here today had not this wonderfully brave and fearless woman taken a stance. So where do people of European Caucasian descent get the idea that to be Aryan or a member of ‘the Great White Brotherhood’ of India ever excluded the Jews? The picture Yarrow paints should concern all Americans., Inc. All Rights Reserved. It was useful only insofar as it pointed to the Messiah, especially the Book of Isaiah. Satans way of saying, “I got ya and you love it…every minute of it.” Goes for the Christians and Muslims as well, he’s got ya too. In truth the light skinned Jews of the Semitic races were the Vedic Aryans of antiquity; a people who, according to the Rig Veda, were kicked out of India and declared a “fallen” Aryan race. Sometimes truth is truly stranger than fiction. And, I knew you were clearly not thinking things through, when you listed Judy Garland as Jewish! I cannot imagine more than a few handfuls of the wealthiest Zionists actually plotting on how to create new sources that would, by force of wealth backing them, become the primary sources for all things in the world Jewish, including becoming the primary sources for statistics of the Jews. Enki, writing service near me who is the eldest son of Anu (Ea Nudimmud in the Babylonian tales) gives birth to eight “gods” by his sister, Ninharsag, and most curiously, one of them is named “Nazi” who is also known as “Nanshe” in other versions of the tale. It produces a range of resources and has designed a programme of courses to help library professionals reach out to new readers. Thanks. I really appreciate your kind words. If only one out of twenty reports about America’s military and “scientific” involvement into the black arts is true, then truly I weep for my nation.

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Amnesia is imposed on Kashmir by India with tacit approval from the U.S, creative writing utm and pathetic, inaudible whimpers of discontent from a hapless Pakistan. Here are some facts about Anne Frank, the famous young Jewish diarist who was tragically killed during the Holocaust. He didn’t want to spread his DNA. A guide to grammar and writing, explaining the use of verbs, pronouns, how and when to use speech marks etc. As a recovering Millenialism/Pre-Trib Rapture addict, it is a hard habit to break. I fail to understand how Moses, who was obviously born and raised in Egypt and who lived several centuries after Hammurabi could have possibly been able to quote directly the words of a long dead Babylonian king when historically Egypt had very little contact at all with Babylon. And why do you think the Jews running the show in Washington DC have sent all the jobs we ‘Goyim Christians’ used to have to India and China? Like demonizing Lincoln for the Civil War and other necessities, while the RATs from London financed both sides. The Jewish race is descendant from the Tribe of Anu. It gave the higher limit to a relatively new publication - The American Jewish Yearbook. Information on different forms of Energy including renewable sources. He has already come and gone, so Judaism is now a defunct religion. You Jews live to kill off the ALL non-Jews and especially the White race who you hate with a satanic passion. This site offers a lot of good basic information about Astronomy. Part of larger…’? Implying there WAS a Holocaust… of ‘Jews’? It served its purpose. But it’s over now. It is not some archaic magic word concocted from the bowels of mysticism. Kelly - ‘Esther’-Ishtar, discovery creative writing stories ‘Jew’-Ioudean, Noah-Shem-Abraham…Ripley’s? You can find biographies of Mary Seacole, Martin Luther King, Michael Faraday, Gandhi, Walter Raleigh and many more. There is no going back anymore to all the lies.

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And you are right on: the Jews did indeed pilfer from other religions and texts in order to create a composite Old Testament god. Much Love AND Appreciaton In Christ To You All! So what’s the point of your last post?? Aryan kings fancied themselves as ‘the gods.’ Excuse me for pointing this out, but doesn’t that sound like the Jews? Satan has employed HIS CHILDREN - the JEWS to do this most evil and foul deed. McFadden, Chairman of the Committee on Banking and Currency (12 years) gave that great speech, the Declaration of World Goodwill, a surrogate of the Lucis Trust — an occult organisation promoting Luciferian and Satanic Principles founded in 1920 — was announced by Alice Ann Bailey (1880-1949). There is no evil, filthy, depraved act that the dirty kikes won’t stoop to. Too civilized to kill off their enemies”? This is the lie of the Jews. Adonai merely means “My Adon” and Adon was the Phoenician name for Baal-Balarama who represents the “thousand headed serpent” (Adisesha) who represents the “seat (throne), power and authority” (see Rev. Our society is so permeated with Jewish principles like “brotherhood and equal rights, and nigras who are as good as Whites” (a verse from a poem that I wrote about the danger of satanic Judaism) that we can’t free ourselves from Jewish domination. Well presented information on atmosphere, climates and earth structures. This site includes a section explaining how characters from Greek Mythology appear in everyday speech. Well, do you folks realize that statistically 11.6% of all Jews are born blond? This site covers mainly Physics but has information about Earth and the Elements. Just who do you think the ‘Great White Brotherhood’ of the Vedic Aryans were? It works at JewToob and other sites. Managing mass media and Hollywood as forms of subtle propaganda is incredible because messages are hidden in plain sight - it’s in your daily lives but few recognize how opinions are being shaped! So now we have the Jews buying up the Christian TV networks! There is a website dedicated to Dilling and it’s really outstanding. When a Jew says “god,” he means “the gods.” Their roots are in Sumer, but we can trace the Sumerians directly back to India and I can guarantee you that from 2500 BC on, every Sumerian king that ever walked the earth declared himself “god” much like the Hindus and Buddhists do to this day.

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IF - you wish to participate in honest contructive dialogue on this site - of which I have some authority - you will refrain from such divisive inflamatory inferences that Brother Nathanael is doing Satan’s work. And for the most part, those people are the dark-skinned races of Southern India. Hitler freed his people from the bondage of the stinking filthy parasites who bled his country dry - morally and economically. To be honest, I must admit that I simply do not understand where the descendants of Caucasian Europeans (and I fall into that racial category myself) ever got the notion that to be ‘Aryan’ meant you were white-skinned Europeans or the ‘Nordics’ as Hitler put it. The history we were taught doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. Although the expose was timely, the fact remains that the U.S. America’s suicidal turning away from God in recent years has created a huge vacuum that has been quickly and gleefully filled by someone whose five-letter name starts with “S” - and, no, it isn’t Santa (to find out just re-arrange these letters!). T. Adorno wrote Beatles tunes, it was all downhill from there. Thus, I have concluded that in spite of what the Hindu apologists may claim, Varna and caste is truly only skin deep, and was based on skin color from the beginning. A site with information about electricity, currents, circuits and how to use electricity safely. That’s why the kikes dominate Hollywood and the media, so they can influence public opinion in favor of the bandit state of IsraHELL, which all Jews support, whether they say so or not.

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